WE Find the Interesting and Quality Products… So YOU Don’t Have To.

Amazon has hundreds of millions of products on their site. Finding the right ones can be difficult and time consuming. We find the products with the best reviews and highest ratings, and that are most helpful for a humanitarian or disaster deployment.

For Example…


Preparing Properly

When you’re deploying to a humanitarian action or disaster event you need to be properly prepared. Your need to have the right equipment, and it needs to be able to resist the rigors of a harsh environment – shock, water, dust and more.

Whether you need travel sized toothpaste, water purification systems, solar chargers or just empty TSA approved bottles to put your shampoo in, we’ve found the product and listed it here.


Finding the Right Products

We’ve spent weeks combing through Amazon to find products you may need and that will withstand these environments – from waterproof notebooks to shockproof cameras to highly compressible sleeping bags and pillows to military level insect repellent. Almost all of the products we have listed here have over 100 reviews on Amazon and have a four star rating or higher. We’ve combed through descriptions and ensured that the products are relevant and useful.